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Jakob Zehethofer

Where there's a will, there's a way. My career in customer service began more than 15 years ago in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg. My various experience in the field of Costumer Care includes senior positions and the leadership of 300 employees for an international Internet service provider as well as the establishment of an Inbound Call Center for the telecommunications, energy and logistics industries in 2008. With these experiences, they have helped me to gain extensive knowledge in the field of support, sales, retention, monitoring and reporting.


In particular, the topic of structuring and optimizing customer service channels, both traditional (telephone, e-mail) and modern (social media, chat bots), is vocation and passion that I would like to share with you.


Initiating, leading and accompanying changes and optimizations characterizes my work as Managing Director of two customer service companies and, as a result, my work as a consultant.


I know from my years of experience that it is a decisive advantage for entrepreneurs to receive individual advice from the field.


My consulting portfolio includes organizational development, process and quality management. In addition, I support you as needed in the areas of personnel development (team construction) and technical equipment.

Management Consultancy

Those who learn from mistakes that others have already made save you time and money. It doesn't matter whether you are a big and well established company, start-up company or an entrepreneur, your business can benefit from individual consulting. Whether it is internal changes, a general restructuring, building a customer service, personnel issues or optimizing the use of your resources, we are here to assist you with your companies needs.

Customer Service

Your customer service is the first point of contact for your callers and thus your business card. A customer service team today has the task of processing several communication channels (often in several different languages) within the service times. They help to ensure the best possible service level and the ideal utilization of the employees. I would help you to tailor your customer service to the fit the needs of your company.

Change Management

Does your company plan to relocate parts of its Customer Service to an external service provider? Or have your customers been looked after externally and now an internal team is to be set up? What opportunities and risks do the different variants have? I will provide you with my knowledge to help answer these questions and also for helping you find the right business partner that best suits your company.